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Time nets - master clocks, autonomous and slave clocks, analog and digital

MC-21 master clock
MC-60 master clock
ZWC digital slave clocks
analogue slave clocks
sample clock at railway station
sample clock at railway station
We offer the following apparatuses and devices for time networks : central clocks, digital and analog secondary clocks and digital primary (autonomus) clocks. 
Time networks are irreplaceable everywhere, where it is necessary to install at least several (often various) clocks, and where is required easy and simultaneous setting these clocks and the high precision of their indications. Time networks are especially useful in such places as: offices, industrial buildings, banks, schools, hospitals, sport objects etc. 
Additional advantages of time network are: full configurability of the elements depending on requirements, easy extension with the increasing client's needs, and synchronization with the atomic time standard by means of radio signal received through DCF antenna or satellite GPS signal.

Below we present apparatuses and devices for time networks manufactured by our company. 

lista produktów:
Time distributing device (Master Clock) type MC-21Time distributing device (Master Clock) type MC-60Digital autonomus and slave clocks ZWC series
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